Rating: ★★★★★

Originally I was sad to say goodbye to this series but now that I have been able to distance myself I can understand why and I believe in the future there is major potential to create a show, film, or a book dealing with a whole other adventure with Vader as he progresses to the events of Episode V: Empire Strikes Back. This graphic novel begins with the first major Star Warscrossover called Vader Down One reason why I suggest that everyone should check out the Star Wars comic by Jason Aaron is if you do not read it then you will have no clue what the hell is going on and why Vader is destroying everything in his sight. From the aftermath of the first volume, Vader has made the connection that Luke Skywalker is his biological son and everything that the Emperor has told him is one big fat lie meaning the Emperor cannot be trusted (Gee what a shocker on that one! 😛 ). Vader in his anger state makes the connection if he is able to find Skywalker, he can train him to become his apprentice and together they can overthrow the Empire and destroy the rebels once and for all.

Doctor Aphra who has become his mini assistant finds the details of Skywalker’s location in Vrogas Vas. Unfortunately Vader finds out that yes the information is accurate but the planet is completely bombarded by rebels and quickly it becomes World War III up in here. Every rebel ship is off to races to destroy Vader but they haven’t made the connection that Vader and his use of the force makes him quite unbeatable until Luke comes into battle and crashes his ship with Vader. Both of them land on Vrogas Vas and now the pursuit is on for Vader and Luke. Luke came to Vrogas Vas because he found information about a Jedi Temple and he found it when he crashed landed into the planet but Kenobi through his ghost witchcraft told him its too soon to be here which makes no sense because if Luke cannot get the information he needs he is basically screwed since I have a hunch that Vader will destroy any last remnants of the Jedi Order.

Besides that ordeal the other plot sequence of the narrative deals with Vader and the Emperor’s apprentices. In the Sith Order, only two people (master and his apprentice) can gear control of the Sith. After his failure of the Death Star, Vader is the sole survivor of the incident and the Emperor wants him to sweat for wasting 20 years of building the Death Star only for it to crash and burn 3 seconds after completion. The Emperor has hired this scientist named Cylo who has created abominations of force users. By using robotics and other technological advances, he has created human cyborgs programmed to be the best lightsaber users but lacking the skills of the force. Vader is outraged by it all because they are no match for him and seeks every opportunity to kill each one separately.

Cylo believes he’s major hot sh@t and can manipulate both Vader and Palpatine but he makes the grand mistake of how powerful Vader truly is under that suit and it leads to a major war between the two which concludes the whole series. I do not want to give anymore information because it spoils the whole comic book experience and trust me I am only touching the tip of the surface. This omnibus is massive and by the time you reach the end it feels like I’ve just sat through 3 separate Star Wars films. The continuous motion of drama and war that engulfs this omnibus makes it incredible how all of this happened in a span of two years before Empire Strikes Back.

The illustrations are phenomenal and consistent throughout this epic saga and I have to congrats Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larroca, and Edgar Delgado for their contribution to this series and making it feel like I was watching a movie instead of reading a graphic novel. I believe throughout this series there was definitely room for improvement and parts that could have ended quickly or eliminated all together like Doctor Aphra. I have no issues of introducing a major new character who clearly is getting her own spin-off but for her to take away a good 40% of the drama made the flow of the story feel awkward at times. I kid you not there was certain moments where I thought to myself, is this a Vader comic or Doctor Aphra? Overall this is not the end for our characters because I have no double Vader will make another appearance in Star Wars and Doctor Aphra after the events that took place between these two lovable characters.


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