There Is No Place Like Home

Hey Everyone! My name is Matthew and welcome to my blog. I created this site to allow me to jot down all my thoughts about the books I read and challenge myself as a writer and to expanded my desire of reading. If I am being completely honest, I HATED books growing up. School made reading become a chore thanks to state exams and other nonsense that made my reading experience horrendous. Once I entered High School, I was left to my own devices and that is when I discovered the Harry Potter series. My world has completely changed since that first encounter and after concluding the series I made the decision that books will forever become an essential part of my life.

Another huge booster is Goodreads. I discovered the website around the same time and the whole aspect of rating books, getting recommendations, and communicating with users from all different parts of the world made the literary experience memorable and pleasurable. I am a collector of stories and I will read anything if the plot or description interests me (plus if the book cover is gorgeous). My goal as a reader is to elevate myself in the novels I discover and be able to connect with my humanity. Also to discover how we as human beings come from all different walks of life with stories from our culture and how we must embrace it for it shapes our identity and our legacy.

Enough about me and more about books…